East Lindsey community cash awards


The following Councillor Community grants have been awarded by East Lindsey district councillors:

Halton Holegate

Coun Jim Swanson awarded £105 to East Keal Petanque Club towards start up costs.


Coun Steve Palmer awarded £275 to Sutton-on-Sea Playing Fields Association towards start up costs.

Councillors Palmer and Anne Veasey awarded £300 and £250 respectively to Sutton-on-Sea library and Community Hub Supporters towards set up costs.

Coun Veasey awarded £1,000 to Mablethorpe RNLI towards training and equipment.

Coun Veasey awarded £300 to Sutton-on Sea-Cricket Club to buy a ‘roll on’ cricket net cage.

Coun Veasey awarded £200 to Mablethorpe and Sutton Town Council to pay for medals for 1953 flood victims.


Councillors Dick Edginton and Carl Macey awarded £1,000 and £610 respectively to Skegness Wakeboard and Water Ski Park to repair ski equipment.

Councillors Macey and Sid Dennis awarded Home Start East Lindsey £650 and £500 respectively towards staffing and volunteer costs.

Councillors Dennis and Steve O’Dare awarded The Village: Church Farm £750 and £400 respectively towards a new heating system.

Coun John Byford awarded £1,200 to Skegness and Winthorpe Parochial Church Council towards the Lincolnshire Heritage Weekend event.

Coun Byford awarded £800 to Skegness Day Centre towards activity equipment.

Coun Mark Anderson awarded £1,100 to Alive and Kicking towards a new mini bus.


Coun Jill Makinson-Sanders awarded St James’ Church Education Project £626 towards publicity and its website project.

Coun Pauline Watson awarded Louth Town Partnership’s Zero Degrees Festival £505 towards publicity material.

Coun Watson also awarded Louth Town Council £350 to buy a planter for the town.

Coun Watson awarded Louth Town Council £350 to buy a planter.


Coun Tony Howard awarded the Coastal Community Hub, Mablethorpe, £100 towards re-launching a drop-in service.

Coun Graham Cullen awarded £400 to Mablethorpe Area Partnership to buy a laptop and display materials.


Coun Rick Harvey awarded Sibsey Village Hall £1,041 towards its broadband project.


District Councillors awarded £602 to Horncastle Community Centre towards the kitchen refurbishment project.

Councillors also awarded £300 to Horncastle Art Group towards equipment costs.


Coun James Hopkins awarded £250 to the 2nd Spilsby Scout Group to buy a barbecue to be used for fundraising.


Coun Victoria Ayling awarded £224 to Eastville, Midville and New Leake Village Hall towards crockery and cutlery,

Coun Ayling awarded £146 to Stickford Parish Council towards a new notice board.

Coun Ayling awarded £230 to Stickney Parochial Church Council towards safety work on the church tower,

Coun Ayling awarded £300 to Stickney Parish Council towards work to clean the village war memorial.


Coun Daniel Simpson awarded £825 to Donington-on-Bain Village Hall towards redecoration.


Coun Tony Bridges awarded £300 to Tetney Playing Field and Village Hall Association to buy new football nets.


Coun William Gray awarded £400 to Stixwould Village Hall Committee to buy painting materials to decorate the hall.

Coun Gray awarded £400 to Bucknall Village Hall Committee towards furnishings for a village hub.

Coun Gray awarded £300 to Haltham Parish Meeting towards the refurbishment of the village notice board.

Coun Gray awarded £400 to the Lincolnshire Chamber Music Festival towards hire and transportation of a Concert Grand Piano.

Coun Gray awarded £500 to Minting and Gautby Parish Council to buy sand bins, sand and locks for flood risk areas.


Coun Adam Grist awarded £350 to Welton-le-Wold Parish Meeting towards drainage work and re-gravelling of a path,

Coun Grist also awarded £475 to Legbourne Parish Council towards their neighbourhood plan application.


Coun LJ Marfleet awarded £500 to West Ashby Parish Council to upgrade technology.

Coningsby and Tattershall

Coun Julia Pears awarded £1,500 to Coningsby and District Royal British Legion to take disabled members to the National Memorial Arboretum.

Coun Pears awarded £500 to Jacdor Community Pre-School towards a new oil tank, door and replacing the toilet facilities.