Duo going for broke in bid for snooker World Record

Jason Carter and Tom Bone are attempting to play the longest snooker game for charity. (Photo supplied)
Jason Carter and Tom Bone are attempting to play the longest snooker game for charity. (Photo supplied)

TWO budding snooker talents have plucked up their courage in an attempt to break a World Record for the longest snooker game played, all in aid of charity.

Wainfleet residents, Jason Carter and Tom Bone, who play for the Skegness snooker league, are taking on a massive time goal of 51 plus hours to help them break the a Guiness World Record, and in the midst of all that – raise money for Help For Heroes.

“We’ve both been playing snooker since we were eight or nine so we thought we would try and break the current world record of 50 hours and also raise money for a great charity.

“Help for Heroes is a very important charity which the government should do more to help, this is why we thought it was a good way to try and break a record but also raise money.

“We are trying to raise as much money as possible and would be very grateful for everyone’s help,” said Tom.

The event is set to take place over three days at the Wainfleet Social Club, from Friday, February 17 to Sunday, February 19 and will start at 10am and hopefully finish at 1pm.

As a collective, the Wainfleet communityhas raised around £5,000 with more money still to come in, also for Help for Heroes.

“I’d like to be in the forces and it is our way of trying to help those wounded soldiers with their rehabilitation and their families,” added Tom.

Various charity events and nights have helped the community to raise the money, and Tom and Jason’s efforts have raised £400 so far through a charity race event, held recently.

The ambitious pair have been preparing for the epic event by playing regular seven, eight and nine hour stints to get ready for the ultimate weekend.

“We’ve been playing for several hours at a time to get ready but our biggest concern at the moment is the fact that we need witnesses over the weekend while we’re playing, so if anyone would like to help us by sparing around four hours at a time then we would be very grateful,” added Tom.

At the moment, Jason and Tom haven’t set a target to raise because they feel any amount they manage to reach on top of the community’s total will be a huge benefit to the charity.

To help Tom and Jason raise money for Help For Heroes or be a witness, call Tom on 07851 200162.

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