Ducks move in - but residents not happy about leak behind Skegness homes

Len Ogden with the ducks that moved in when a water leak from a derelict building created a pond. ANL-170606-112940001
Len Ogden with the ducks that moved in when a water leak from a derelict building created a pond. ANL-170606-112940001

Ducks have taken up residence on a ‘pond’ caused by water leaking from a derelict building – and it’s driving residents whose homes back onto it quackers.

Hundreds of gallons of water have been flooding the area for three weeks – preventing the residents using the public access from their back gates.

However, the private leak was still flowing yesterday (Tuesday). Anglian Water confirmed it was not on their pipework but it was pushing the building owner to make the repair.

Resident Len Ogden, who lives nearby in Denham Close, discovered the leak when he went to see where plans for 20 houses and four garages would be.

The plans were passed by East Lindsey District Council in April with the support of Skegness Town Council, who said they would ‘like to see this disused and derelict brownfield site developed’.

When The Standard visited Mr Ogden last week about eight ducks were enjoying swimming in the sunshine.

Mr Ogden said: “The leak has been going for three weeks - there were only a couple of ducks then, now look at them!

“If the leak gets any worse it could flood the gardens of houses on Richmond Drive.

“What gets me really mad is hundreds of gallons of water is being wasted and it’s this kind of warm dry weather when we get hose bans.”

Stefanie Gray, whose garden backs on to the flooded area said she was worried about who was going to pay for wasted water.

She said: “The area of water is getting bigger and bigger.

“We’ve been to have a look and it’s still not fixed.”

Neighbour Graham Beech has been so worried about the water over-topping into his garden he has installed a concrete ridge at his gate.

He said: “The leak is a sheer waste of clear water but I have pumped some of it away to water my garden.”

A spokesman for Anglian Water said they had contacted a director of the company that owns the building who said the repair work would be going ahead on Monday.

The spokesman said: “The company directors told us they had sent contractors to do the repair previously.

“Unfortunately this was not successful because speciality fittings and equipment were needed due to the location of the leak.

“We have offered our full support on fittings/equipment/manpower to make sure it does get sorted and if it doesn’t then we will use legal powers, serving them with a Waste of Water 

“We are unable to disconnect the property as it shares its supply pipe with other properties and the individual property pipe has been untraceable.

“That’s always the first thing we consider.”

l Since going to press, Anglian Water have informed us they have been on site to assist contractors to make the repair. This has been confirmed by a very happy Mr Ogden