Drugs driver who demolished wall in Skegness gets 18-month ban

News from the courts ANL-170911-154107001
News from the courts ANL-170911-154107001

A Skegness driver was found with cannabis and cocaine in his body, even though he said he did not take cocaine, his solicitor has told magistrates.

Gareth Hallam, 29, of South Parade, admitted driving with two drug levels over the limit, as well as not having a full driving licence or any insurance, in Skegness on November 10.

Prosecuting, Marie Stace said police saw a Ford Focus being driven by Hallam, cut the corner forcing them to brake, at around 12.45am.

They followed the car, which was being driven at only 15-20mph, using the brakes and swerving before it collided with a brick wall in Grosvenor Road, demolishing it.

She said Hallam admitted smoking cannabis to the officer.

She said Hallam was not insured to drive the car, which belonged to the man in the passenger seat who was ‘intoxicated’.

He was found to have 4.8 microgrammes of cannabis in his bloodstream, the legal limit is 2, and 60 micrograms of a cocaine derivative, the legal limit of which is 50.

Mitigating, Mark Hudson said Hallam had been taken to a cash point to get money out but he didn’t feel safe because the driver had been drinking and so asked if he could drive home.

He said Hallam did not take cocaine so thought someone must have given it to him.

He added that the brick wall he had demolished was at his own home.

Boston magistrates banned Hallam from driving for 18 months and given a six-month drug referral order and 15 days of rehabilitation.