Driver spotted his number plate on another car in Skegness

News from the courts ANL-170911-154107001
News from the courts ANL-170911-154107001

A 33-year-old man was found to have been using his car with false plates, after the owner of the car with the genuine plates, saw it in the street and told the police.

Karol Lucas Konkel of Henshall Flats, Roman Bank, Skegness admitted fraudulently using a registration mark and using the car without insurance, when he appeared before magistrates in Boston.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that on November 21, the owner of a black Jaguar car saw another black Jaguar car with his registration number and told the police.

Konkel admitted to police officers that he had bought the car in Norfolk and had changed the number plate to another Jaguar car to make it appear he had insurance for the vehicle.

Mitigating, Suleiman Baig said that in November, after a period of unemployment, Konkel had got a job in Louth but could not afford insurance for his car to get him the 20 miles there every day, so he had

‘temporarily’ changed the number until he could afford to buy insurance.

He said Konkel was now much better off and the car was fully insured. Konkel was fined £300 on each charge and ordered to pay £115 in costs and charges. Eight penalty points were put on his licence.