Drink-driver went to ‘distressed’ friends aid after assault


A Skegness businesswoman hit the rear of a police car after she drove after drinking wine to go and help her best friend who was in distress after being assaulted, a court has been told.

Gina Lee Hussey, 39, of Buckthorn Avenue, who was said to be from a well-known Skegness family business running hotels, restaurants and bars, admitted driving with excess alcohol when she appeared before magistrates in the town.

Jim Clare, prosecuting, said that at 11.30pm on May 1, she hit the rear of a police car that was responding to an emergency while she was driving her Mercedes car in Drummond Road.

After failing a breath test, she was arrested and admitted she had drunk four glasses of wine. She gave a reading of 64 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Mitigating, Beris Brickles said Miss Hussey was from a well-known Skegness family run business and that she ran one of the establishments.

He said that on the day she had worked until around 8pm when she had gone to the birthday party of her friend’s 16-year-old daughter.

He said she walked there, drank four glasses of wine and then walked home at around 10pm and went to bed.

However, she then received a telephone call from her friend who was very distressed as she had been assaulted on the street as she waited with some of the girls for their parents to collect them.

He said the friend had had a broken nose and one of the girls was also injured and she asked Miss Hussey to go and help her.

Mr Brickles said Miss Hussey thought she should be with her friend and took her car to drive to where she was, which was only about 500 yards away.

He said that on the way, Miss Hussey was overtaken by a police car responding to the emergency which had then pulled in sharply in front of her and as she stopped behind it she just touched the car.

“She was able to help her friend and was only breathalysed after the ambulance had gone,” he said.

Asking the magistrates to reduce the period of the driving ban, he said that it had been ‘a very unfortunate incident’, she had driven a very small distance and that her driving ability had ‘not been adversely affected’.

Miss Hussey was fined £575 and ordered to pay £143 in costs and charges. She was banned from driving for 17 months but was offered the drink driver’ rehabilitation course which would reduce the period of disqualification by 17 weeks.