Donkeys in desperate need of funds and more support

Playful donkeys at the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary. (Photo supplied)
Playful donkeys at the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary. (Photo supplied)

A DEDICATED animal sanctuary is in urgent need of funds to help it continue with its good work.

The Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary in Huttoft is struggling to provide for its numerous residents after the bitter winter last year used twice its normal budget.

Tracy Garton, Owner, said: “We used twice as much bedding, feed and reserves during the winter and we are struggling to provide for the donkeys and our other animals this year as a result.

“If anyone is able to donate any quality bric-a-brac for our stall, any garden sheds, buckets, a house to put the ducks and chickens, post rail fencing or carrots as we always need those, then we would be most grateful.

“These are the things we buy with the money raised and if anyone has these things then that would be fantastic.”

There are currently 28 donkeys, three horses, four ponies and at times, a number of other animals such as ducks, sheep and even cats.

The sanctuary was first founded in 1992 in Radcliffe On Trent in Nottinghamshire and relocated in 1999 to Huttoft where the sanctuary had room to grow and expand.

Tracy added: “The sanctuary started by mistake really. I rescued a male donkey and we wanted to get him a companion and it basically started from there.”

The sanctuary is run by Tracy and a group of volunteers who help to keep the donkeys happy and healthy.

As part of their ongoing fundrasing efforts, a general auction event will be taking place on Saturday July 30 at 2pm where household goods, motor bikes, antiques and more will be on show.

There will also be a Mule Weekend event on August 6 and 7 from 10am till 4pm where visitors will have the chance to meet the mules from the British Mule Society. Visit the sanctuary on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am till 4pm where admission is free but donations are welcome. For further details visit or call 07940146330. Why not become a friends on Facebook at ‘Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary’