‘Don’t knock our resort: Fury over ‘Anywhere but Skegness’ Lotto ad

A Skegness woman says she is furious at Lotto for their latest TV ad in which a woman says she would use her winnings to go on holiday ‘anywhere but Skegness’.

In the advert a number of people are saying where they would take their families if they won millions in the Lottery.

The latest Lotto ad features a woman saying if she won she would holiday 'anywhere but Skegness'. ANL-170713-085705001

The latest Lotto ad features a woman saying if she won she would holiday 'anywhere but Skegness'. ANL-170713-085705001

Camelot who run the Lottery says the advert was not scripted and used comments from members of the public, but was meant to be ‘tongue-in-cheek’.

However, a resident says it’s time people stopped the ‘ridicule’ about Skegness.

Louise Johnston said: “I am proud to say I’m from Skegness and it’s time to stop the ridicule and recognise Skegness for the great up and coming town we are becoming.

“I have lived in Skegness all my life and I am very proud of what our town has achieved over the last few years.

“With the help of local theatre, the Hildreds Centre and local activity groups we have been able to provide wonderful entertainment such as the SO Festival, Comicon, Harry Potters Wizardry School and so much more.

“We are expanding and improving and that shows with the quality of acts we are welcoming at the Embassy Centre, such as Russell Brand, Sarah Millican and Russell Howard.

“We may not have sun kissed beaches and Barbados weather conditions, but what we do have is entertainment for all the family, a town that prides itself on safety, cleanliness, security and good clean fun.

“Along with some major players in industry heading our way creating about 800 new jobs over the next few years we are expanding into a fresh new vibrant town that has a right to stand up and be proud.”

Her comments have been backed by Wonder Circus clown Mr Fips, who said: “It’s easy to use Skegness like this because the name is funny. Blackpool doesn’t have the same ring.

“But I hate people slagging off Skegness. I love it here, that’s why we stay so long.

“It has so much to offer families and there is a lot of investment in the town right now.

“There are a lot worse places to be.”

A spokesman for Camelot said: “The current Lotto campaign is asking people what they would do with their winnings if they won on Lotto - so all of the answers used in the adverts are the opinions and thoughts of actual members of the public.

“This particular advert asks ‘If you won on Lotto, where would you take your family?’ One of the people says ‘anywhere but Skegness’. This is, however, her opinion of what she would do (or, in this case, not do) rather than the opinion of Camelot or The National Lottery.

“As you’ll see, it is simply a tongue-in-cheek line right at the end of the advert.”.