Dogs ban continues on Chapel beach – warning

A dog ban is to continue on Chapel St Leonards beach.
A dog ban is to continue on Chapel St Leonards beach.

A young cocker spaniel will be allowed to run free on Chapel St Leonards promenade because it is being trained to be a sniffer dog.

The request for a dispensation of a dog control order was made to the parish council by the Lincolnshire Lowland Search and Rescue Team.

Howard Moss told the council: “I have been training a young cocker to search for missing people and personal items. The actual training is always done off the lead as she is air scenting and runs up and down to get the scent as it moves about in wind. When she makes a find and indicates that find, she gets a treat and is put back on the lead.”

The order was introduced following complaints about unruly dogs causing a nuisance. Chairman Coun Mel Turton-Leivers warned other dog walkers should not use this as a precedent for letting their pets roam off the lead.

He said: “This is a one-off dispensation granted under special and specific circumstances. The council’s community warden will still rigorously enforce the order if it is ignored by others. Mr Moss will be clearly identifiable as a search and rescue team member and therefore easily recognisable as doing a vital job.”