Dog attack left woman from Skegness in hospital for five days

News from the courts
News from the courts

A Skegness couple have been banned from keeping dogs for five years after ‘a pit bull type’ pet caused injuries to a neighbour that left her in hospital for five days.

Alan Robert Gent, 60, and his wife Linda, also 60, of St Vincents Close, admitted being the owners of a four-year-old dog called Zeus which was ‘dangerously out of control’ and attacked and injured Janice Eccles.

The court in Boston heard the attack took place on July 20 last year.

District Judge Peter Veits fined the couple £160 each and ordered them to pay £75 in costs and charges each.

He then banned them from owning dogs for five years but did not order the destruction of the dog, which remains in the custody of the police, but did order that the dog should not be allowed out in public without a muzzle or lead..