District Council urges takeaway businesses to take part in anti-littering campaign

District Council 'Responsible People' campaign.
District Council 'Responsible People' campaign.

East Lindsey District Council has written to 250 takeaway businesses across the District urging them to support its ‘Responsible People’ campaign which aims to tackle littering as well as fly-tipping and dog fouling.

The Council launched the high profile campaign with hard hitting photos and no-nonsense messages last month and are now urging others to back the campaign.

Letters sent out to local takeaways ask business owners to support the campaign by displaying a poster urging people not to drop litter and also review their own litter bin provision to ensure it is adequate for their customers.

Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Councillor Steve O’Dare, said: “The campaign urges everyone to take responsibility for their actions in a bid to prevent these offences from taking place. It is up to all of us to do our bit to help, whether it is putting your litter in your bag till you get home or picking up after your dog we can and should all do our bit to help.”

“There is no reason for people to drop litter, to fly tip or not to pick up after their dog. Not only is it a blight on communities, it also costs taxpayers of the District £1m per year to clean up. The campaign is all about respect. Respect for your local area and respect for others that live in it. Truth of the matter is, that this is happening within our communities and it must stop now,” he added.

Whilst the Council already provides around 1,900 street litter bins across East Lindsey, during the campaign, it is also asking that all businesses consider their own litter bin provision and whether it is adequate.

The campaign also features images of dog mess and fly-tipped waste in a bid to convey the message that littering, fly-tipping and dog fouling is unacceptable in East Lindsey.

Each year the Council receives over 2,900 requests from local people for action in relation to littering offences and dog fouling and the council say this would be avoided if more people took responsibility for their rubbish.

To report an incident of littering, fly-tipping or dog fouling, you can use the ‘report it’ links online at www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/Responsiblepeople or call 01507 601111.

You can also print out the posters to display in your own local community.