Dip into local hummus

Helen Boyle and Claire Chapman-Duffy
Helen Boyle and Claire Chapman-Duffy

Customers can enjoy dipping into the latest product added to Lincolnshire Co-op’s Love Local range.

The Dip Society’s Super Duper Hummus is sale in food stores with deli counters, including Chapel St Leonards.

The dip is produced on a farm near Market Rasen and uses Ownsworth’s rapeseed oil, which is harvested and pressed near Grantham.

The Dip Society was created when Helen Boyle met Claire Chapman-Duffy at a wedding and the pair soon became firm friends.

When Claire moved to Lincolnshire, the pals set up a business creating delicious local dips in the kitchen of her farm – and they haven’t looked back since.

“Claire’s husband is from Lincolnshire and they moved back to Wolds Newton from London a few years ago to take over running the family farm,” said Helen. “There were some disused farm buildings there and we thought it would be the perfect place to run the Dip Society from.”

The dips all use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, including a Lincolnshire rapeseed oil also stocked by Lincolnshire Co-op.

“Our hummus is super duper because of the quality of oil used,” said Helen. “Most hummus on the market uses industrial oils, but we teamed up with fellow Lincolnshire farmers, Ownsworth’s, who produce beautiful cold pressed rapeseed oil.

“This oil gives our hummus a nuttier flavour, a richer texture and a proper local Lincolnshire twist.”

Super Duper Hummus is made in small batches, meaning that each product has been lovingly created with a great deal of care.

“Our dips are all still made on Claire’s farm with an army of food processors, so it’s all very artisan,” said Helen. “We have three girls who work for us and they mix everything with Magimixes – the biggest ones you can buy. It’s all potted by hand using a big set of scales; there are no Wallace and Gromit style gadgets here, it’s very low-tech.”

Lincolnshire Co-op’s Supply Chain Manager Nicola Berry said: “We’re always pleased to add some diversity to our offerings and Super Duper Hummus is very different to any of our other local products.”