Diamond couple’s ‘silver screen’ romance

Robert and Joyce Evers will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.
Robert and Joyce Evers will be celebrating their Diamond Wedding Anniversary on Sunday.

THEY first set eyes on one another across Spilsby Picture House’s darkened auditorium more than 60 years ago.

Neither Robert nor Joyce Evers can remember that night’s featured film, but their own love story, which began all those years ago, still plays on for them both today.

“I don’t really remember what we were watching, I was too busy looking at the girl in the stalls,” Robert explained.

The happy couple will celebrate their Diamond Anniversary on Sunday, August 12, but just like the romances of the silver screen, theirs wasn’t all plain sailing to begin with.

“She made it very awkward for me,” Robert said.

“I wanted to ask her on a date but she was umm-ing and ahh-ing, so I had to wait until the following Wednesday before I could see her again.”

Robert’s persistence paid off, Joyce agreed to go for a walk in Ashby and before too long they were married at St Mary’s Church in Hundleby.

With the date falling during Robert’s most busy period of work at Welton le Marsh pumping station, he was very nearly made to return to his job the afternoon after he and Joyce tied the knot.

“My boss wanted me to go to work in the morning, come home at dinner time, get married and then go back to work, but Joyce gave him a right talking to and he let me have two days off,” Robert explained.

The couple both had strong ties with the local area; Joyce lived in Hundleby all her life and Robert moved to Lincolnshire at an early age, so after their wedding they remained close to home, first in Hundleby and later in Spilsby, where they still reside today.

Robert and Joyce have two children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren and say their family is one of the most special and rewarding aspects of their life together.

Though they’ve had their difficulties, Joyce looks back on their years together with a sense of contentedness, which she hopes other couples will have a chance to enjoy.

They both attend Spilsby St James Church and believe God has played a role in their happy life together.

“I put it down to faith in the Lord and prayer, whenever we get any trouble, I find it works,” Robert said.

To celebrate their momentous milestone together, Robert and Joyce have invited friends and family to a tea party at Spilsby Pavilion on Sunday.