Deer makes suprise visit to garden

Surprise Visitor: Deer spotted in Wainfleet
Surprise Visitor: Deer spotted in Wainfleet

This cute little creature was caught on camera by Jill Kemp at her parents’ home in Wainfleet.

It was the second time the small deer had visited the garden in the space of a few days.

Seemingly happy to pose for photos the deer spent some time in the garden on Rumbold Lane.

The surprise visitor delighted Jill’s dad Terry who loves watching the wildlife from his window.

The animal finally slipped away into the shrubbery after appearing to be disturbed.

Terry said: “The deer was there for a good few minutes and might have come from the field across the road.

“We had never had a deer in the garden before, and then this one visited us twice within a couple of days.

“It seemed quite brave and just stood looking at us for quite some time. None of our neighbours said they saw it.

“There are lots of birds in the garden, but we live in quite a built-up area so it was a nice surprise to receive a visit from a deer.

“It was very unexpected so I thought getting a visit from a deer might be of interest to readers.

“We were not sure wether it was a small breed of deer or just not fully grown.”