’Dave is the man’ when job needs doing

David Drury has been keeping the roadside verges in Burgh le Marsh neat and doing other odd jobs for the town throughout the summer. ANL-171016-175351001

A small town near Skegness couldn’t believe its luck when grass verges began to grow out of control following Lincolnshire County Council cuts.

Motorists travelling through Burgh-le-Marsh during the summer began to notice roadsides looking neater and a lone figure charging along with his strimmer.

The ‘Silver’ East Midlands in Bloom winning town had needed a handyman since their’s was forced to step down through ill-health.

By chance Mayor Coun Neil Cooper met just the person at a local quiz night at the Red Lion - David Drury.

Retired David said: “I had come to the end of my mammoth DIY job at home and had almost became addicted to solitaire on my computer when I had that chat with the Mayor. So I jumped at the chance to get out from under my wife Gill’s feet,

“Coming from an industry background requiring meticulous records to be kept, it was a total pleasure to empty bins, litter pick and cut grass with no paper work. Very soon I was doing a lot more hours than I needed to, but I cannot tell you how my energy levels and well-being have improved.

“It’s a total win-win situation for me. I meet so many nice people who are walking their dogs and playing with their children.”

David says he is really grateful to local tree surgeon James Dixon for his help. He said: “He brings all the big boys (equipment) to cut the major areas of grass - I am chief strimmer to cut the areas he can’t get to.”

Watching the town council respond to County Council cuts has been ‘a real eye-opener’. He said: “Our councillors finance so many things in their efforts to continue making Burgh-le-March a nicer place to live.”

The council says it feels very lucky to have found David. Coun Cooper said: “Whenever we need a job doing, Dave’s the man!”

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