Dancers prove they are ‘poles’ apart after county-wide success

TWO members of an Alford pole dancing keep fit class have shown they are poles apart from the competition after tasting success in a county-wide contest.

Instructor Emma Addison and her student Charlie Johnston both competed recently at the first annual Lincolnshire pole Dancing Championships.

The Polenastics Lincolnshire club members received high praise from the judges on the way to some top success.

Emma, who lives in Alford, came second in the professional category and was singled out for her control and technical ability.

Excitingly, student Charlie, who has only been attending pole classes with Emma since October last year, put in an outstanding performance and won her category, earning herself the title, Lincolnshire Pole Dancing Champion – Novice as well as a necklace and her own pole.

Polenastics Lincolnshire Instructor Emma said: “It was an amazing day showcasing great talent from across the county.

“I am extremely proud of Charlie, it was a well deserved win and the result of a lot of hard work and determination.

“We hope to bring a similar event to Skegness in the future.

“It would be wonderful to show people what we do, how hard we work and the amazing skill pole dance and fitness requires”.

Classes are held in Skegness and Alford.

Anyone interested in classes can contact Emma on 07525 850249 or see Polenastics Lincolnshire on Facebook for more information.