Daisy the Skegness donkey gives emotional ‘last ride’ in memory of little girl

Daisy the donkey. ANL-180808-083358001
Daisy the donkey. ANL-180808-083358001

A Skegness donkey has given an emotional ‘last ride’ in memory of a little girl who has died.

John Nuttall, who runs donkeys on Skegness beach, shared the sad story on Facebook.

He said: “A gentlemen asked me if his daughter could have one last ride on a donkey. It’s her birthday as well, he said,

“Yes, of course, I said. Where is she?

“He then handed me a bag with his daughter’s ashes in it.

“Wow! We were all taken aback. Of course, she had her last ride on Daisy.”

The man told Mr Nuttall that they had come to Skegness every year and she always rode on a donkey. So this was her last visit to Skegness and last donkey ride,

“He was very emotional about it, as we all were,” said Mr Nuttall.