Cyclists prepare for 100 mile ‘SkegVegas100’ road race in aid of Skegness children’s home

The first four riders to finish the race last year (2014) photographed at Skegness' clock tower with 13-year-old Alex Raynard wearing the yellow jersey.
The first four riders to finish the race last year (2014) photographed at Skegness' clock tower with 13-year-old Alex Raynard wearing the yellow jersey.

Charitable cyclists from Derby have been busy practising and preparing for the latest annual Derby to Skegness ‘SkegVegas100’ fundraiser on Saturday, April 18.

The road race raises funds in aid of Skegness’ Derbyshire Children’s Holiday Centre.

The cylists will set off from The Derby Council House, in Derby City Centre, before arriving at Skegness seafront, to gather around the clock tower.

The event is the third consecutive cycle ride raising money for the children’s Holiday Centre in Skegness.

In the first two years, the race has raised over £29,000 for the centre and organisers hope to raise the profile of the ride again this year.

The first year saw 37 riders take part, with the number increasing to 55 riders taking part the year after.

This year, 75 riders all from Derby, have signed up to take part.

The road race will commence at around 8am from Derby City Centre before riders embark on their journey to the coast.

The holiday centre gives under-privileged children in the Derbyshire area the chance to leave their current situation for a week and enjoy a holiday in Skegness, raising self-esteem, attitudes and behaviour and improving social and personal development.

The centre receives no income and is funded entirely by voluntary donations.

The cost of one childs holiday is £330 per week.

The groups target is to try to cover the cost of one entire week, Which is holidays for 14 children.

Children nominated are likely to come from homes where the impact of financial hardship, deprivation or abuse has created a situation where stress is all too common.

Children may also be nominated where parental care is warm and loving, but is unable to extend to providing the benefits such as a holiday, in other cases it may be due to the inability of parents to cope with situations and the demands of the life in which they find themselves.

The centre has close connections with many of the riders and is also close to the heart of ride organiser Aaron Willis.

“Over a summer season, the centre provides a holiday to 14 children a week, that’s 450 throughout the season,” said house manager, Ali Byerley. “It’s absolutely amazing that they raise so much and keep wanting to do it, to allow more children holidays in Skegness,” she added.

Organisers Aaron Willis and Callum Bates have arranged for Derby Audi, who have once again helped to provide riders with cycling jerseys for the event, including a Yellow jersey for whoever finishes first.

Callum said: “The 2015 SkegVegas shirts are by Godfrey Bikewear and once again I’d like to say a big thank you to all the sponsors and all the riders who will receive a personalised jersey free of charge.”

Anyone wishing to support the charity and make donations can do so by donating at the page for 2015.

You can also donate by TEXT, Simply text SKEG47 followed by either £10, £5, £4, £3, £2 or £1 to 70070 - There are no extra charges, just the donation.

More information on the ride can also be found on the ‘Skegvegas 100’ Facebook page.