Cycling duo welcomed by holiday park panto team

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TWO courageous cyclists overcame daunting memories of debilitating road accidents when they returned to the saddle to raise more than £1,000 for a children’s hospital.

Scott Taylor was so impressed with the outstanding support King’s Mill Hospital provided his four-year-old step-son that he decided to show his appreciation by completing a gruelling 168 mile cycling challenge via Coastfields Holiday Village, Ingoldmells.

Scott’s step-son Caiden Roberts suffers with cerebral palsy but has benefited greatly from the treatment offered by the hospital’s children’s therapy clinic, which relies on donations to fund much of its work.

Scott said: “Caiden’s cerebral palsy affects all four of his limbs so trying to hold a pen to write his name, use a knife and fork or to express himself is really difficult. The hospital has done an absolutely fantastic job, not only with my step-son with every child that goes through the centre.”

Scott and his friend Andrew Warriner set off from Kirkby-in-Ashby on Saturday morning towards the holiday centre, where Scott’s two mothers Lorraine Taylor and Diane Pearson live during the holiday season.

Both fund raisers had suffered serious injuries, including a broken back, while cycling in the past, which made their effort all the more commendable.

Upon arrival Scott and Andrew were given a hero’s welcome by the park visitors and costumed characters from Gary Starr’s Pantomimes, who perform there every night.

Gary Starr’s booking manager Ruth Brennan said: “It was their first fund raiser and it’s a really worthy cause so we thought it would be nice to show some support. Everyone pulled together which was lovely to see and there was a really great atmosphere here.

Scott added: “It was a fantastic welcome party, I was overcome with emotion - we couldn’t have asked for a better reception.”

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