Cute canines boost charity collection

Recovery charity fundraising day.
Recovery charity fundraising day.

Assistance dogs Milli and Mimi enjoyed a good day’s fundraising for the Recovery charity in Skegness.

Cash was collected at the Computer Shop, Indoor Market, earlier this month after proprietor Mike said he felt that the space outside his shop could be put to good use.

The wellbeing charity based in Leicester, set up 10 years ago, helps survivors of mental health problems recover by training their dogs to provide emotional assistance. The dogs have proved to be successful in helping people to recover from anxiety, fear, loneliness, agrophobia and depression. Recovery trains the dogs to be obedient companions and help survivors to recover from their symptoms.

Recovery is setting up a centre in Sutton on Sea. If you are interested in helping, know of a suitable building or have mental health problems and would like to know more about having your dog trained as a Recovery assistance dog vist at or phone Liz on 07932433148.