'˜Cut the grass': Concerns of '˜accident waiting to happen' at Gunby roundabout

Long grass obscuring the view at a roundabout used by thousands of visitors to Skegness roundabout is an 'accident waiting to happen' - according to residents.

Saturday, 10th June 2017, 8:00 am
Selina Newton, at Gunby roundabout where the grass is so long it is difficult to see oncoming traffic. ANL-170206-092549001

One woman was so outraged about how high the grass is on the A158 approach to Gunby roundabout has grown she complained to Lincolnshire County Council (LCC).

Selina Newton, of Welton, also took to social media to express her disgust, attracting support from numerous other people who slammed the budget cuts by Lincolnshire County Council allowing just two grass trims a year.

She told the Standard: “The grass verges on the dual carriageway at Gunby roundabout is an accident waiting to happen. From the Skegness direction you have to inch out to see if any traffic is coming as the grass is so high now you can’t see over it.

Motorists claim the length of the grass is making approaching Gunby roundabout dangerous. ANL-170906-111540001

“I’ve been driving that way home for 20 years and it’s never been that bad. Is cutting costs for areas like this really worth risking someone’s life?”

The problem has also been highlighted by Skegness’ new county councillor Steve Kirk, who tweeted “Natural England have just declared Gunby roundabout an area of outstanding natural beauty. #grasscutting”

Burgh-le-Marsh town crier Steve O’Dare, replied: “Please have a word and get it sorted before injuries occur.”

To which Coun Kirk said: “Trying, but sadly my progress is slower than the grass. Totally frustrated.”

Motorists claim the length of the grass is making approaching Gunby roundabout dangerous. ANL-170906-111540001

A LCC highways spokesperson said: “The A158 Gunby roundabout will be tackled as part of our routine grass cutting programme within the next couple of weeks.

“We are aware of people’s concerns and have asked our contractor to prioritise this location after they have dealt with some more urgent areas in Louth. We have inspected the roundabout and it remains safe, but we encourage people to take extra care when using it.

“The council funds two cuts a year at locations where overgrown grass could cause safety issues. In some areas, the work will be taken on by the district or parish council, who may also carry out additional cuts at their own discretion. The first cut is currently being carried out, with the second to be scheduled for later in the year, depending on the speed at which the grass grows back.”