Woman jailed for theft breach

A 21-YEAR-old Skegness woman has been jailed after she breached a suspended prison sentence order by stealing clothes and deoderant from a local store.

Arlene Hawksford, of Lincoln Road, admitted stealing clothes from Allisons’ shop in Lumley Square on May 20 and stealing 10 cans of deodorant from the Co-op on June 12.

She also admitted failing to attend any of her appointments with the Probation Service as part of her suspended prison sentence order.

The court heard that Hawksford was subject to an eight-week suspended prison sentence for previous breaches of community orders and a conditional discharge for theft offences in 2011 and 2012.

In mitigation, Ms Andrea Wilkes asked the magistrates that any prison sentences should run concurrently, not consecutively.

She said Hawksford was a heroin user and to fund this she committed offences of dishonesty.

The magistrates said Hawksford had shown a total disregard and non-compliance of court orders and the full eight weeks prison sentence would be implemented.

In addition, they said she would serve four weeks in custody for each of the two new thefts, making a total of 16 weeks custody, although the two days she had spent in custody already would be taken into account.