Window smashed in camera dispute

Court news.
Court news.

When a man felt he got no satisfaction from the police following his complaint that a neighbour had a CCTV camera pointed at his flat, he went round and smashed their window with a spade, a court has been told.

Karlton Heath Walsh, 43, of Firbeck Avenue, Skegness, admitted causing the damage when he appeared before magistrates in the town.

Paul Wood, prosecuting, said that following previous incidents believed to be concerning Walsh, the neighbour installed a CCTV camera at their home.

He said that on February 14, a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) called on the neighbour to say that Walsh had complained that the camera was pointed at his flat but they denied this and said that, in fact, it was not a working camera and was just intended as a deterrent.

Mr Wood said that later the same day, one of the neighbour’s windows was broken and glass went all over both the floor and the neighbour’s daughter, who had been sitting in the window.

The neighbour looked out of the window and saw Walsh walking away with a spade in his hand.

He said Walsh admitted breaking the window as he thought the camera was infringing his rights and he had decided to deal with the issue by smashing the window with a spade.

The court was told that Walsh was also in breach of a conditional discharge imposed in August last 
year for public order 

In mitigation, Gordon Holt said that Walsh had been blamed some time ago for damage to some cars, even though his own car had also been damaged.

He said it was a bone of contention that the CCTV camera was pointed towards his flat but the PCSOs told him they were not going to do anything about it and he had lost his temper, picked up a spade and smashed the window.

Last Tuesday the magistrates imposed a £75 fine and ordered Walsh to pay £100 in compensation and £85 in costs and a £15 victim surcharge.

He was fined an additional £50 for breaking his conditional discharge.