Wainfleet man stole £2,700 from grandparents

A 26 YEAR old man, who admitted stealing more than £2,000 from his grandparents, told magistrates at Skegness that he was doing what he could to make it up to them.

Ashley James Rolph Rasmussen of Croft Lane, Wainfleet, pleaded guilty to stealing £2,700 from Elizabeth Bettison between April 2 and 25 this year.

Edward Johnson, prosecuting, said Rasmussen was living at his grandparents’ house.

He said neither were of them were in the best of health and his grandparents had both spent time in hospital.

Mr Johnson said Rasmussen took his grandparents’ bank card and used it to withdraw cash and to buy items in shops, totally £2,700.

When his grandmother, Mrs Bettison, noticed the card was missing, he told her it was in his jacket and returned it.

She realised the cash had been taken when the bank contacted her to say there were insufficient funds to meet bill payments.

In the meantime, Rasmussen had gone away and his grandparents did not know where he was so they informed the police.

When he came back, he was arrested and admitted using the money to pay bills, for petrol and other items.

In court, Rasmussen, who was not represented, said he had been going through a difficult period in his life.

“I did run away, but I came back and I phoned the police,” he said.

The magistrates, who had read a letter from Rasmussen’s grandmother, told him he had gone ‘in at the deep end’ but had shown ‘profound remorse’.

“You have considerably turned your life around,” they told him.

Rasmussen was conditionally discharged for two and a half years and was ordered to pay £2,700 in compensation and £85 court costs.