VIDEO INTERVIEW: Coastguard and Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team hail public response in hunt for missing David Le-Man

Coasguard members and the Lincolnshire Community Assistance Team (L-CAT) have hailed the superb response from community volunteers in the continuing search for missing Skegness man David Le-Man.

Well over 100 people - including over 80 members of the public - set off to comb Skegness beach and local golf courses this morning (Thursday) in the ongoing search.

The search teams prepare to set off this morning (Thursday, February 7).

The search teams prepare to set off this morning (Thursday, February 7).

And the response has drawn praise from emergency representatives, and David’s family.

Ian Clark, from L-CAT, said: “We are here to help the public in the search and alleviate the stress of the emergency services in co-ordinating the public.

“There has been an excellent turnout and we must be looking at between 90 and 100 people here today.

“We’ve four search teams out at the moment and we’ll be looking at the golf courses and after that we’ll liaise about where to search next.

“We just like to go out and help others. No-one wants to see a situation with a missing person - we just want to get him home safe and sound.

“There’s always hope - he could be hidden in a building somewhere.”

HM Coastguard’s Smanatha Jessop said: “Today our main focus is on this immediate area (Skegness beach).

“We’ll also be searching north of here towards the North Shore Golf Club.

“Mr Le-Man is quite a large chap - a photo of him can be found on the Lincolshire Police website.

“The family and him are very popular and very well liked - anyone who may have information as to his whereabouts from Monday through to toda (Thursday) should contact Lincolnshire Police and pass on the information.”

- Click on the video for the full interview with the Coastguard’s Samantha Jessop regarding the ongoing search operations.