Victim tracked thief with iPhone app after handbag and contents worth £500 stolen from Skegness nightspot

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A quick thinking victim of theft was able to lead police to the culprit after she activated the tracking app on her stolen smartphone, Skegness Magistrates heard last week.

When Jessica Moorhouse discovered that someone had stolen her handbag, containing an iPhone, from a Skegness night spot, she was able to track the phone using the app.

Carl Allan Reeve, 37, of Alexandra Road, Skegness, admitted stealing the handbag and contents, worth £500, from Yates in Skegness and also to possession of heroin on April 26, when he appeared before magistrates.

Prosecuting, Paul Wood said Ms Moorhouse left her handbag on a table at Yates on Grand Parade but when she returned from dancing, the bag was gone, including her driving licence and iPhone.

Because of an app she had downloaded onto it, she was able to follow where her phone was and she and a friend were able to track its movement around the town.

Police were called and Reeve was found in Alexandra Road, throwing away items from the bag. He told them the iPhone had been smashed and left at Skegness bus station.

He told police he needed money to buy heroin and when searched was also discovered to have heroin on him.

Mitigating, Asad Aziz said Reeve had a heavy heroin habit and had moved to Skegness from Derbyshire about eight weeks ago.

He said that he had a habit that cost £100 to £300 a week but that he had now got this down to about £30 per week.

Mr Aziz said that Reeve had drunk more than he normally would have done that day.

He said heroin had cost Reeve his partner and children and he wanted to get clean. The magistrates imposed a 12 month community with drug treatment rehabilitation. He was also ordered to pay £500 in compensation.