UPDATE: Cow shot after hours of disruption on Burgh road near Skegness

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Police were forced to shoot a cow near Skegness this afternoon (Friday) after it ran onto a major road, threatening the safety of motorists and passers-by.

Motorists heading out of Skegness on the A158 Burgh road faced disruption after the panicked cow ran onto the carriageway, sparking road closures.

Police were called to the road near the Burgh bypass at around 11.45am following reports of a cow with horns herding along the route in the direction of the roundabout, putting passing vehicles at risk.

At the height of the disruption police were forced to divert motorists at the Welcome Inn, on the outskirts of Skegness, and direct them along the A52.

Although police reported that they’d been able to corral the cow into a field shortly before 2pm, they had added that shooting the cow remained a possibility if they were unable to calm it.

They later took the decision to destroy the animal.