TV Licensing reminds Skegness businesses not to get ‘court’ out


As tennis mania grips sports fans in the run-up to the climax of Wimbledon fortnight TV Licensing is reminding businesses in Skegness to ensure they are properly licensed if they plan to allow staff to watch at work.

Whether it’s the last week and a half of World Cup football or the events at SW19, sports fans in Skegness are enjoying a summer of sport playing out live on their TVs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

TV Licensing is reminding businesses to ensure they are not breaking the law, as anyone watching TV without a licence risks a fine of up to £1,000. And TV Licensing is asking businesses and business owners to make sure they are correctly licensed by providing a helpful Workplace Viewing Guide to clarify how staff or customers can watch live TV at work and be correctly licensed.

Mark Whitehouse, spokesperson for TV Licensing in East Anglia, said: “We’d much rather businesses pay for a licence and enjoy watching live sport without having the worry of not being correctly licensed. With so much sport on free-to-air television this summer, employers in Skegness may be tempted to bring TVs in to the workplace so their staff can catch all the live sporting action as it happens. It’s important businesses know the law around live TV being shown in the workplace. A TV Licence is required if anyone, staff or customers, watches or records TV programmes at the same time as they are shown on TV, whether on a TV, tablet, computer or any other type of equipment.”

“It’s worth spending a few minutes online and I would recommend business owners and managers visit and download the Workplace Viewing Guide for display in a prominent part of the workplace, so it’s clear when a licence is needed,” he added.

Your licence for your home address covers you to watch live TV on any equipment away from your address as long as it is powered by batteries. If you plug it in to the mains, you need to be covered by a licence at the place you are using it.

Unless you are in a vehicle or vessel like a train, car or boat.