Travellers’ legal notice to quit Skegness car park


Travellers who pitched up at a Skegness car park last week have been issued with a court order to quit.

A convoy of vans, cars and caravans appeared on Seaview Pullover Car Park, off North Parade, overnight on Thursday. Bosses at East Lindsey District Council are using a temporary order issued by Birmingham High Court to force the travellers to leave.

A council spokesman said: “We are now progressing the next steps in the legal process to take the matter back to the High Court. The court order sends a very strong message that we are serious about protecting the foreshore from unlawful occupation and we will use the full power of the law to enforce the order. Car parks are exactly that, car parks, not camp sites. Whilst we appreciate the time it takes to pursue the legal process is often frustrating, the council is taking robust action, as quickly as the law will allow, against unlawful car park occupation.”

The temporary order, sometimes referred to as a ‘pre emptive injunction’, issued to the council runs until September 8. It allows the council to formally require anyone occupying its Skegness foreshore car parks in caravans or motorhomes unlawfully to leave within four hours. After the four hours, if those that have been advised to leave haven’t done so they are in contempt of the order which then is referred back to the court. The order does not bring powers of arrest or ability to forcibly remove those in breach.