Train stone yobs could have killed someone

Gavin Jagger is pictured with wife April and daughters Jasmine and Amber. Photo by John Crossland.
Gavin Jagger is pictured with wife April and daughters Jasmine and Amber. Photo by John Crossland.
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A FATHER-of-two is lucky to be alive after he was hit on the head by a large stone when it smashed through the window of the train he was onboard.

Gavin Jagger, 34, of Croft, was enjoying his usual commute home from Nottingham when a large, fist-sized stone was hurled at the train as it passed through the Ancaster area. It smashed a window and slammed into Gavin’s head.

Speaking exclusively to the Standard about his recent ordeal, Gavin said: “It happened so quickly, something hard hit me on the side of the head and then there was a rock sat on the table next to me.

“It had made a clean hole in the window.

“It could have been so much worse because a family with a little girl was sat opposite me in a table seat.”

The incident occurred around 2.55pm on Thursday, January 12 on a Nottingham to Skegness service and it is believed that thoughtless youths carried out the dangerous prank.

“I’d love to catch those who did it. I’m a big feller and I can only imagine if it had hit an elderly person or child how much worse it could have been,” added Gavin.

An ambulance was called and was waiting when the train arrived at Sleaford. However Gavin felt he was fine to travel after being seen by a paramedic and continued on his journey to Wainfleet, where he met his wife.

“I had a bit of headache afterwards, but I’ve been generally okay. National Rail have been fantastic, they were so apologetic even though it wasn’t their fault and have given us first class tickets,” explained Gavin.

A stark warning has been issued to culprits throwing stones at trains after another incident on Monday, January 16 saw a concrete slab around 20cm in length being thrown at a train at Honington level crossing at 7.45pm. Although this incident didn’t injure anyone, Insp Graham Bridges of BTP warned that not only do these incidents cause ‘damage’ but could cause ‘injuries to passengers’.

Anyone with information should call the British Transport Police on 0800 405040 quoting B15/NEA.