Taxi drivers to the rescue after theft

Mobility scooter 2
Mobility scooter 2
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CALLOUS thieves stole a mobility scooter from outside the home of a disabled man in Chapel st Leonards.

Simon Perks, 46, of Margaret House in Ancaster Avenue, left the scooter a short distance from his home when he noticed at about 8.30pm that someone had taken it.

Simon, who used the £700 scooter everyday, said: “I feel lost and it’s very sad.”

He then continued to ask if everyone could keep an eye open, as he said his legs now hurt as a result.

However, two friends of Simon and local Skegness taxi firm owners, are coming forward to urge the public to help them raise vital funds to get him a new one.

Dave Daubney of Dave’s Taxis, said: “Simon uses our taxis to get around the town on a daily basis, I also helped him get the mobility scooter to start with.

“We are trying to help Simon raise the money for a new scooter and also a new shed so he can lock it securely around the back of his home.”

Unfortunately, Simon left his bike unattended and unsecured outside his home on Sunday, August 7, but thought it would be fine as he had not encountered problems before.

A spokesperson from the Lincolnshire Police, said: “We would appeal for any witnesses with information to come forward but we urge members of the public to keep valuables securely locked away.”

Steve Hunt, of Steve’s Taxis, said: “It is bad that people could do this to Simon as he is a vulnerable adult.

“We are hoping to raise enough money to be able to get him a shed too as he’s been told he can have one at his home.

“If anyone could donate one then that would be a fantastic help, as then he can keep a new one secure.

“Simon is quite a well-known man around the town and I can’t believe people would stoop this low.”

Both Dave and Steve say it may take a number of weeks to raise the cash needed for the new mobility scooter and any donations would be gratefully received.

Any donations can be left with either Dave or Steve at the Lumley Square taxi rank next to KFC.

For further details call either 01754 763937 or 01754 760424.