Suspended nurse in prescription fraud

A NURSE who was on suspension from a Lincoln clinic for having a relationship with a patient later helped him to forge stolen prescription forms to obtain drugs from a Skegness pharmacy, a court has heard.

Nicola Marie Jex, 34, and Lukasz Kulesza, 29, both of Roman Bank in Skegness, admitted the offences when they appeared before Skegness Magistrates on Friday.

Jex admitted a single offence of making or supplying NHS prescription forms to be used for fraud, between December 2 and 7.

Kulesza admitted two offences of dishonestly making a false representation by producing prescriptions at Boots Chemists to obtain medication that had not been prescribed for him, intending to make a gain, on December 2 and 4 2011.

He also admitted a single offence of dishonestly receiving stolen blank NHS prescription forms belonging to the New Avenue Health Clinic in Lincoln between January 1 and December 7 2011.

It was said Kulesza had been a patient in the clinic and Jex was a nurse there until her suspension.

Police were called after Kulesza twice tried to obtain high doses of diazepam with the false prescriptions from Boots in Skegness.

Both the prescriptions were purported to have been completed and signed by a doctor at the New Avenue Health Clinic, but enquiries revealed the prescription pad had been stolen and then forged.

Further blank prescription pads were found at their home.

Jex initially denied writing the prescriptions but later admitted to having written them although she said she believed the drugs were for Kulesza’s own use, whereas he admitted he’d intended to sell the prescriptions to friends for £5 each.

He said he had bought the blank pads from a friend in Lincoln.

The magistrates heard that neither of the two defendants had any previous convictions.

In mitigation, it was said Jex was a qualified nurse who had been approached by Kulesza to assist in filling out the prescription pads. It was said she had mental health issues and had been unable to deny him.

The magistrates told Jex, who was in tears, that it was sad to see someone who has a responsible job lose it in these circumstances.

She was given a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered to observe an electronically monitored curfew from 8pm to 8am for two months. She was also ordered to pay £85 costs.

Kulesza was given a 12 month community order with supervision and ordered to carry out 100 hours of community service and to pay £85 in costs.