Skegness sneak-in burglar jailed for two years

A sneak-in burglar who raided a Skegness house while the occupants slept unaware has been jailed for two years at Lincoln Crown Court.

Louis Barwell entered the property on Park Avenue through an unlocked door and stole two mobile phones, bank cards, £58 in cash and two purses.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said the victims, who included guests staying overnight at the house, only discovered the burglary the following morning when they awoke.

Traces of blood found at the scene linked Barwell to the crime.

One of the stolen mobile phones was recovered after the owner rang her own phone and was answered by a man who offered to sell it back to her for £60.

She arranged to meet him outside a fish and chip shop in Ingoldmells and when the phone was handed over the seller was arrested.

The man, who was a friend of Barwell, was later dealt with by Skegness Magistrates for handling stolen goods.

Mr Scott said that on the same night Barwell also broke into a car parked in Park Avenue and attempted to steal from a second car.

Barwell, 20, of Erdington Road, Leicester, admitted charges of burglary, theft and attempted theft on August 27.

Judge Michael Heath told him: “At the time of the burglary the premises were occupied and young children were within the property. This offence is so serious and the circumstances are so serious that I cannot deal with you in any other way than a custodial sentence.”

Terry Boston, defending, said Barwell had been staying nearby at a friend’s house and got very drunk. He said Barwell had the offer of a proper job for the first time and urged he be given a suspended jail sentence.