Skegness police warn over distraction thefts

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

The Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team has warned shop owners to beware would-be distraction thieves after a number of reports in recent weeks.

Local PCSO Dave Bunker has urged shops to make sure tills are kept locked when not attended.

“We have recently had a number of reports that persons have entered retail premises, a distraction is caused and while staff are distracted an offender opens the till drawer and steals cash from within,” said PCSO Bunker.

“Enquiries are ongoing but er would like to make all retailers aware and ask that they take any extra precautions they deem necessary.

“Police recommend that when a till is left unattended it is locked and the key is removed and kept by the operator and that, when in use, the amount of cash in the till is kept to a minimum and that cash is stored in the safe whenever possible,” he added.