Skegness police appeal over suspicious incident

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

Police in Skegness have urged members of the public to ensure they keep their doors locked after a suspicious incident in the town yesterday (Monday).

At around 9am unknown person(s) knocked on the front door of a property on Ida Road, Skegness.

“When the householders answered the door there was no-one there, but after returning to the rear rooms of the house the householders observed a male in their rear garden and believe he may have tried to enter the house via the rear door while they were answering their front door,” said PCSOs Dave Bunker and Katie Taylor of the Skegness neighbourhood policing team.

“The male observed in the rear garden is described as approximately 17 years of age dressed in dark clothing.

“If any suspicious activity is observed please call Lincolnshire police on 101 so that officers can attend,” they added.

The pair also added that a number of sneak-in burglaries had occurred in the district in recent weeks.

“Please ensure that exterior doors are locked when not in sight of the door,” they continued. “This will help prevent further offences and deter offenders.”