Skegness police appeal over reports of “verbal abuse and rowdy behaviour” by groups of teens in the Drummond Road area

Police have appealed for help in identifying youths who have been carrying out anti-social behaviour in Skegness.

The Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team has made the plea after it received reports of a group of males and females in their teens acting abusively towards residents in the Drummond Road area.

PCSO Dave Bunker said: “Police have recently received reports of a group of males and females described as being in their teens acting in an anti-social manner towards local residents.

“This anti-social behaviour has taken the form of rowdy behaviour and verbal abuse towards local residents.

“Police will be conducting enquiries in the area in an effort to identify the offenders and ask that anyone who may be able to help police with their enquiries or who has been a victim of this type of behaviour contact them on 101 quoting ‘incident number 313 of June 11.”