Skegness police appeal for information after windows smashed at community buildings in Winthorpe

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The Skegness Neighbourhood Policing Team has appealed for information after vandals repeatedly smashed windows of community buildings in Winthorpe.

“We have recently received a number of reports of criminal damage to the windows of the Furnichurch on Roman Bank,” said PCSO Dave Bunker.

“We have also had further reports of damage to the Seathorne Community Centre in Roman Bank, Winthorpe whereby offender(s) have smashed a window at the location.

“We appeal to the local community to help us to help you. If you have any information which will help police in relation to these incidents or any others please contact us on 101 or call me on 07939 312 764.”

Alternatively, you can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.