Skegness criminal statistics

CRIME statistics for Skegness are marginally up on the previous year despite an overall reduction in levels across East Lindsey.

Inspector Terry Ball announced that whereas crime levels across the district had improved from a six per cent to a seven per cent reduction over the past quarter, figures for Skegness were still up one per cent on last year.

Encouragingly, however, this increase had lessened from what had been a three per cent rise when figures were last announced three months ago.

Several crime categories, including theft from vehicles, robberies and criminal damage had also shown a marked reduction despite the overall increase.

Anti-social behaviour incidents were also down.

Insp Ball was pleased to report that the usual spikes in crime levels that occur during the summer months had not occurred this year.

He said: “We usually see a spike above the average over the summer months, last year showed a reduction to this and this year we virtually kept on a par with the rest of they year, there are no spikes or peaks.”