Shops refuse underage sales

UNDERAGE drinkers will struggle to get served in Skegness after a test purchase operation demonstrated the responsible attitude of off-licence staff in refusing sales.

Teenagers were sent to seven off-licensed premises on Saturday, June 18, to try and buy alcohol or tobacco.

Every serving member of staff correctly asked for identification and then refused to make the sale when the test purchaser failed to provide it.

Head of safer communities at Trading Standards, Peter Heafield said: “It is very reassuring to see that none of the businesses failed the test on this occasion, suggesting the stores are taking their responsibilities seriously and the message is getting through that such sales are unacceptable.

“We would like to thank them and urge them to continue the good work.

“It’s important for businesses to understand and comply with the law relating age controlled products - we are all aware of the anti-spcial behaviour which can result from alcohol consumption in the young and the harm that tobacco can cause to health.

“Lincolnshire County Council is keen to reduce the impact such sales have in the community.”

The operation was carried out in partnership between Lincolnshire Police Licensing, Lincolnshire Trading Standards, and East Lindsey Licensing Authority.

Trading Standards officers had visited each of the businesses in the previous weeks to provide staff with detailed advice and information on the legislation surrounding age-restricted products and the implementation of good practice measures including keeping detailed training records and a record of refusals.

The responsible off-licensed shops were: Crazy Cuts in Ingoldmells, High Street Superstore in Burgh le Marsh and Hewison, AT Mini Mkt, Skegness News World, Polish Food Shop and Rassmussens, all in Skegness.