Sex crimes against children in the county rise for third year

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SEX crimes against children in Lincolnshire have increased for the third year running, a charity has revealed.

The NSPCC has announced that 307 crimes including rape, incest and abuse through pornography and prostitution were reported to Lincolnshire Police last year.

That figure, obtained through a freedom of information request, has risen during both of the two previous years, prompting the charity to call for parents, the government and schools to take greater action to prevent such horrific crimes.

East Midlands head of services for children and families Fiona Richards said: “Many of these distressing offences are committed on extremely young and helpless children who may not understand what is happening to them and are unable to ask for help.

“The NSPCC is doing what it can by using information like this from the police to tailor our treatment services - different approaches are needed depending on the age of the child.

“We are also pioneering new programmes in the region to tackle sexual abuse of children, including our Schools Service, which aims to visit every primary school in the county over two years.”

Of the victims, 41 had not reached secondary school age and 14 were five or under, while the majority of offences (266) were committed against 11-17 year-olds.