Seventy-six people reported as part of Lincs Police’s hare coursing crackdown

Lincolnshire Police’s dedicated hare coursing team has already reported 76 people in relation to hare coursing-related offences.

The force revealed the figures after its crackdown on the crime - dubbed Operation Galileo - passed its two-month anniversary.

Police claim that the operation has achieved good results as well as drawing positive feedback from the public.

Already the team have reported seventy-six people for summons, with eight vehicles seized and six dogs recovered due to animal welfare concerns.

A number of other offences have also been dealt with such as driving off road, mobile phones, seat belts and drugs.

Inspector Andy Ham, who heads up the Operation Galileo team, said: “I’m really pleased with the results the team have achieved so far and am grateful to all the members of the public who have supported us by calling in with information about suspicious activities and sightings.

“Clearly the team cannot cover every reported hare coursing incident, but by having a dedicated resource we can identify and target hare coursing activities in terms of time and location and respond quickly to as many as possible.

“We rely heavily on the help of the public to be our eyes and ears in the countryside and so far we have been really encouraged by the level of information we have received”.

Anyone who sees any suspicious activity is asked to note the registration numbers of vehicles, direction of travel, timings, locations and descriptions of the people involved.

Then call the police on 101. The police stressed that even if you do not have these details it is still useful to call in, as they can often use small snippets of information to piece together a bigger picture of activity and offenders.