Second hand stall-holders warned after girl pricks finger on hypodermic syringe found in doll at Skegness family gala

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A stark warning has been issued to those trading in second hand goods after a young girl pricked herself on a hypodermic needle hidden in a toy doll sold at a charity gala,

The youngster was kept in Boston Pilgrim overnight for observation after injuring herself on the needle at the Crime Prevention Family Gala Day held in Tower Gardens, Skegness on Sunday.

Skegness Carnival Committee chairman Kris Bell, who helped organise the event, says he was devastated by the news.

“It was horrific,” he said.

“I can’t even imagine the anguish the family must be going through - it must have been a horrible time.”

Mr Bell has explained that the stall selling the doll had not been run by his committee members but stressed the need for all traders in second hand goods to be more vigilant.

“We take what we do very seriously, even though we are only volunteers and now is not the time for knee jerk reactions,” he said.

“From my own personal perspective I would suggest that any organisations working with second hand goods have to start being more vigilant with the way they handle the goods.”

A spokesperson for Lincolnshire Police has confirmed that the mother reported the incident at 8.30pm on Sunday evening after taking her daughter to hospital for observation.

It is believed that the girl found the needle in the underclothes of a toy doll and stabbed her finger on it when she tried to replace its top, believing it to be a pen.

The doll, which had been purchased recently from a car boot sale along with another, was seized by police and the needle sent off for testing to determine what risks, if any, it poses to the child.

Lincolnshire Police said that the incident, though alarming for the family, was not being considered as a criminal offence.