‘Scumbags’ stole wheelchair

A mother was left ‘absolutely devastated’ when ‘scumbags’ stole her seriously disabled young daughter’s wheelchair, leaving her completely immobile and cutting short their holiday.

Yvonne Clarke and her family were holidaying in Ingoldmells at The Wolds Caravan Park, where they are regular visitors, when the senseless theft took place on Easter Sunday.

She said: “I felt absolutely devastated and I think whoever did it were total scumbags.

“My daughter cannot walk or do anything without her wheelchair - it’s like taking her life away, I would rather they had stolen my car.”

After discovering that Adele’s wheelchair had been taken from outside their caravan while the family were preparing for an evening out, Yvonne frantically organised a search of the surrounding area but could not find it.

Without her wheelchair 23-year-old Adele would have been stranded in the caravan for the remainder of their stay, so the family were forced to return to Leicester.

Unable to afford a replacement for the expensive item, Yvonne suffered sleepless nights worrying how her daughter would be affected by her immobility.

Thankfully the wheelchair was found abandoned four days later and returned to the caravan site, much to the relief of Yvonne and her family.

They suspect the theft to have been carried out by thoughtless youngsters as a prank, as the wheelchair was incomplete and would have been difficult to sell for financial gain.

Although it has now been returned Yvonne remains disgusted at the senseless behaviour which ruined their holiday and caused much unnecessary anxiety and distress to her and her family.