Roadside wreckage raises awareness

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue's attention grabbing display urging motorists not to drink and drive.
Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue's attention grabbing display urging motorists not to drink and drive.

A fatal crash involving a Christmas gift-laden car has been staged outside Skegness Fire Station to highlight the dangers of drink driving during the festive season.

The shocking display, which features an upturned vehicle cordoned off with tape,forms part of Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue’s ongoing campaign to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries caused by drink driving each year.

A spokesperson for the campaign said: “It’s important to spread the message over the festive period about drink driving wrecking lives as it’s the time of year to eat drink and be merry, then - for some - to drive home.

“We want to show the dangers of drink driving - even if people think they’re OK to drive, it delays reactions and awareness of other drivers.

“It’s not only possible to wreck their own lives, it’s very possible they could wreck another family’s lives too - so the safest thing to do is to leave the car at home.”

Between January 1 and October 31 2012, 338 people were killed or seriously injured on Lincolnshire’s roads compared with 407 during the same period in 2011.

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue has attributed the 69 fewer deaths and injuries to the campaign’s success in raising awareness about drink driving and hopes the attention grabbing roadside image will result in further reductions during this traditionally troublesome period for alcohol induced accidents.

The Burgh Road location was chosen for the mock-up due to its prominence and proximity to a junction, which should ensure motorists are paying extra attention and therefore less likely to be distracted.

The spokesperson added: “Although some people may think the display may cause an accident by looking at it while driving past, it is in a safe and prime position on a 30mph road with staggered junctions and a petrol garage, so care should be taken driving in this area anyway.

“It is a prime position to grab the attention of the drivers using the garage too. It will hopefully make more people think about drinking and driving this New Year.”