Report finds Lincolnshire Police in top five for crime recording

Lincolnshire Police.
Lincolnshire Police.

Lincolnshire Police has been recognised as being one of the five best forces in the country for managing its crime recording processes in a report issued today (Tuesday).

The HMIC (Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary) report on crime recording credits the force for a simplified crime recording process, effective and appropriate training for staff and a leadership supporting change. The overall report rating was good and action has been taken to address two recommendations in the report for improvements.

Deputy Chief Constable Heather Roach said: “We’re really pleased with the findings of the HMIC Report. It shows that we have a key strength around the accurate reporting of crime, and a very accurate conversion rate from incident to crime report. Our direct reporting into the Crime Management Bureau is also very good.”

DCC Roach added: “One of the ways that Lincolnshire has achieved an effective approach to crime recording is through its centralised crime recording unit and experienced staff. The report also highlights that the message from chief officers to frontline staff is clear and that non-adherence to recording rules is not acceptable at any level. HMIC did not find that staff in Lincolnshire came under any pressure, either explicitly or implicitly, which might lead to incorrect recording.

“We accept the two recommendations made by HMIC and have already taken action in respect of both. We are also cognizant of the national recommendations to ensure that we have a victim-centred approach and our recording is totally ethical.”

Key points from the HMIC Report about Lincolnshire Police are:

Lincolnshire Police recognises the need to ensure that crime reporting processes and procedures are timely and accurate so that the public can trust the organisation and the service it provides.

Overall, Lincolnshire’s report is good. HMIC recognised there is effective leadership and governance around crime recording, with a clear chief officer lead and consistent messages to staff.

The force crime registrar ensures that Lincolnshire Police comply with the national crime recording standards and Home Office counting rules and is the final independent arbiter within a very tightly managed process.

The approach to crime recording as a victim-centred approach and conversion rate of incidents to crime reports is generally good.

HMIC did not find any evidence that performance pressures, explicitly or implicitly led to failures to record crime correctly.

The report of all forces in the UK highlights that there is a real disparity between forces and makes 13 recommendations which Lincolnshire Police will consider.