Rail firm wanted £2,800 from mum who couldn’t pay £3 fare

Court news.
Court news.

Rail staff at Skegness kept a train waiting for 55 minutes because a young mum couldn’t pay their fare home to Wainfleet and refused to get off.

Then they looked set to try to claim almost £3,000 in costs from her because of the 

Hayley Louise Haughlin, 25, of Carr Lane, Wainfleet, admitted obstructing an officer of the railway and to threatening and abusive behaviour when she appeared at Skegness Magistrates’ Court.

Nick Todd, prosecuting, said Ms Haughlin went into Skegness on January 21 with her children as one of them needed dental treatment, but when she went to return to her home, she found she did not have enough money to pay the fare but refused to leave the train.

The conductor, said Mr Todd, refused to allow the train to leave the station, even though her fare would only have been around £3 and kept the train waiting for 55 minutes until a Police Community Support 
Officer arrived to take her 

Mr Todd said he was not intending to ask the court for the £2,800 compensation for the rail company, even though he had been asked to do so, as it was not Ms Haughlin’s fault that the train was not allowed to run and it was not her fault that the police were too busy to attend for 55 minutes.

Ms Haughlin, who was not represented, told the magistrates that she had been worried as it was cold and she wanted to get her children home.

“They were worried and upset, which made me more agitated,” she said.

Last Tuesday she was given a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered to pay a £15 victim surcharge but the magistrates made no order for prosecution costs to be paid by her.