Prisoner journey is ‘over the top’

A MAN serving a five year prison sentence was transported all the way from Stafford Prison to Skegness Magistrates Court, including an overnight stay at Lincoln Prison, just to be disqualified from driving under the totting up procedure.

Kain Thomas Masey who, at the time of being caught for driving without insurance and a driving licence in Burgh Road, Skegness in April 2011, was living at Waterside Way in Chapel St Leonards, had previously been found guilty in his absence of the offences.

Because he already had six penalty points on his driving licence, Masey was liable to be disqualified for at least six months under the totting up procedure.

Representing Masey, Mr Dave Clapham said Masey was not liable for release before 18 to 21 months and so there was no possibility of him driving in any event.

“It seems a little bit over the top in terms of finances,” he told the magistrates.

When the magistrates queried why it had had to be brought to Skegness Magistrates Court, their legal advisor Brian Marshall said it was because Skegness Magistrates had issued the warrant and therefore they were obliged to hear the case at that court.

In the event, Masey was disqualified from driving for nine months but there were no financial penalties as he was a serving prisoner, and he left the dock to be transported back to Skegness – at the public expense.

Skegness Magistrates Court is equipped with a direct video link to prisons around the country so that prisoners can be dealt without the cost of transportation.

In fact, earlier in the court’s day, a prisoner on remand was sentenced to a custodial sentence via the video system without the need to attend court.