Police warn of ‘professional’ criminals raiding phone boxes after several targeted in Skegness area

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Lincolnshire Police has urged the public to be on the lookout after a number of telephone kiosks in the area were raided by suspected ‘professional’ criminal gangs.

The thefts began around 10 days ago, and since then police have reported that “several” phone boxes have been attacked in the Skegness area.

Their cash boxes have been entered, and the contents stolen.

“The nature of these offences suggest that they have been committed by professional criminals,” said a police spokesperson.

“Should you see any suspicious activity around kiosks, please report it via 101, or 999 if you think a crime is in progress.

“Suspicious activity could include cars driving by kiosks repeatedly with the occupants paying attention to them. It could also include people loitering around them, unusual noises coming from them or spray paint appearing on any of the windows/door.

“The damage caused by one attack is usually very costly to BT who have to replace most of the machine.

“If you think your machine has been targeted, please contact Lincolnshire Police via 101 or report the phone to BT either by telephone 0800 661 610 or via their website www.payphones.bt.com/publicpayphones/reportafault.htm,” they added.