Police warn of phone scam targeting elderly Lincolnshire residents

Farmers are warned to guard against fraudsters.
Farmers are warned to guard against fraudsters.
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A phone scam targeting elderly residents for money has moved from London to Lincolnshire, police have warned.

Fake callers pretending to be police officers, bank officials or representatives of large retail companies have been contacting residents requesting financial information.

“They will make claims designed to encourage the victim to divulge specific personal information, ultimately requesting that they provide their PIN,” a spokesperson said.

The fraudsters’ common tactics include: claiming to be a police officer mentioning the arrest of someone in possession of the victim’s bank card details; warning of a faulty card or a corrupt bank employee; requesting their card for forensic examination.

Several victims have been called a second time and asked to withdraw cash from their account for the police to keep it safe or ‘due to a corrupt bank employee’.

Police advise that they will never ask for PINs or bank cards, nor will they cold call about suspected offices. They also say banks will never suggest someone hands their card to a courier.

“Never give your card details, PIN or bank card to anyone,” the spokesperson said.

“If you receive one of these calls end it immediately.

“Report any incidents to the police.”