Police urge farmers to report incidents


Lincolnshire Police has urged farmers to report minor or suspicious incidents to them in their ongoing bid to reduce and prevent theft from rural buildings.

Police say that activity in the rural countryside often goes unreported as farmers think that evidence of minor events is not worth reporting.

But they stress that evenminor incidents can help the force build up a better idea of crime across the area, and help them to assign resources accordingly.

A spokesperson said: “Instances such as petrol caps that have been removed or sightings of unknown vehicles in the area may seem minor but it helps our intelligence teams paint a picture of what activity is taking place around the county.

“A vehicle that has been seen touring around farm locations can be checked quickly against our database and either eliminated or monitored more closely.

“Can I ask that you either, ring 101 and report minor instances, or log into Lincs Alert and use the ‘report information’ in your account section,” they added.

Lincs Alert can be contacted via www.lincolnshirealert.co.uk.

Or you can visit https://www.lincolnshirealert.co.uk/da/65947/Farm_and_Country_Business_Watch_Alert_.html for further information.